New website in the works!

Add linux support.

Posted  5/8/2024 2:10 AM

Please add linux support and maybe other platforms too

Posted  5/8/2024 10:12 AM

We're slowly but surely working on that! Before we do that we want to prioritize making our website and software provide an overall better user experience.

Posted  5/8/2024 1:12 PM


Posted  5/8/2024 7:48 PM

there already kinda is
just use wine

Posted  5/9/2024 12:17 AM

when you use wine it does not open the client for you when you launch it from the website. you need this and that aand configuring and other stuff. flatpak is probably the best way to get linux support.

Posted  5/9/2024 4:15 AM

what the rizz are you yapping about