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What went down last night. (And a formal apology)

Posted  5/8/2024 10:15 AM

Last night I falsely announced a closure of our services which caused many to panic. This happened out of stress and I don't actually want to close the site. We will not be shutting down and in fact will be improving greatly. I hope to see you all around!

Posted  5/8/2024 10:16 AM

Sorry for all that I caused. All of the support means so much to me, and Azog will be taking the role of co-owner so I can have time off and a mental health break when I need it.

Posted  5/8/2024 10:19 AM

I'm also going to strive to be more professional myself and a better manager. This is a big and stressful role I have. I also thank anyone who reached out to me and helped me feel better.