polytoria sucks(my opinion)

Posted  7/5/2024 1:22 AM

I criticized the actions of the moderators and owners of not giving bans to those who said the wrong things or harassed people in the game's messages on the polytoria website, I criticized the lack of updates on the platform and new tools to improve the experience, I criticized what the owners did and when I told the truth on the forum everything about the owner and the platform and the fate it would lead to, I was banned, and to provoke moderation, which was bullshit, I even said that I would leak the source code if the platform died

Polytoria had the worst moderation, if you doubt it, it was worse than Brickhill :v

Posted  7/5/2024 8:37 PM

Sir what year are you living in the mods are great they try there hardest to make it better so please spend more time leaning about a site before making proofless claims

Posted  7/6/2024 5:02 PM

^ Rebo definite polytoria [Content Filtered]

Posted  7/6/2024 5:03 PM

polytoria bootlicker

Posted  7/6/2024 10:59 PM

rebo, stop being stupid
Good moderation where?
in 2021 in polytoria there were completely wrong items that shouldn't be there, polytoria doesn't make good updates the owners don't give a [Content Filtered] about the community, the site already had a lot of disgusting and sick users who harassed other players and the moderation simply ignored them, several items and 3d models are not original like the planetarium
the owner doesn't hold events frequently to keep the game alive, several players made reference to the mustache and the moderation ignored it in the past, they reset the site's economy and didn't give refunds to those who purchased subscriptions or in-game currency, unfair bans
and ban people who question the wrong actions of moderation and what they do in secret, polytoria has already attacked several bh players who had nothing to do with the things that spacebuilder does, polytoria allows swearing on other sandbox platforms
the games are not good the studio is bad the moderators are not online, scams and various robberies on the site are ignored, old bh users who did wrong things were not banned from polytoria, they can cry all they want and I keep talking because I was talking privately to the owner about the game and I know what he did so don't come crying because I know more than you when it comes to sandbox sites because I have more experience in this community for years

Posted  7/7/2024 12:05 AM

first of all i did not ask you to write a sa #2 you are talking about 2020 polytoria have you looked pass that? they have new admins and new site they don't allow swearing and there "items several items and 3d models are not original'' now thats not true now they work day and night to make new items see i get what your saying but you are talking about 2020 polytoria new 2024 polytoria is way better with all i just said you are giving polytoria a bad look by talking about 2020 polytoria am guessing you have not looked pass that so please if you really want to call polytoria a bad website go back to the new one and spend a week on the discord and the game to see if what you are talking about is true THANK YOU!!!

Posted  7/8/2024 6:24 PM

also as of now your acting like this sh--- site that the owner is too busy working on the new one is the best while polytoria rebranding is rn pretty good so please stop clowning on something you have not tryed THANK YOU!

Posted  7/8/2024 7:05 PM

oh you idiot, I've been playing polytoria since 2020, I've been part of this community for 4 years, I've seen a lot of things I've had the opportunity to talk to the owners and moderators, you drooling over Polytoria won't change my opinion, while you're there defending someone you didn't even have a conversation with, I'm here talking about my experience aborting real things that happened on that site during these 4 years, stop being a child and open your eyes because Polytoria doesn't think about the users or moderation, they just want make the most money by making a platform that basically takes everything from the "unity" engine without modifying anything
I already had experience with programming, sandbox sites and moderation and polytoria's moderation was rubbish as well as the owner and moderators who said disgusting things like "jokes" and published items copied from other places
and attacks people who played brickhill who had nothing to do with what spacebuilder was doing, grow up and stop being an idiot to clap for a community that hides the worst things in the world, the platform is so good that even davo keeps playing and doing his [Content Filtered]

Posted  7/8/2024 7:23 PM

and you don't know how to read the title of the post?
"MY OPINION" is there, don't you know how to read it, friend?
If you don't accept it's not my problem, I'm not going to change my opinion just because you're passionate about something I criticized

Posted  7/13/2024 5:01 PM

Rebo plz stop

Posted  7/13/2024 5:12 PM

stop rebo 😡🔪