My suggestions 1

Posted  7/21/2023 3:58 PM

1. Add currency (cubes) purchase menu when clicking the cubes icon
2. Under "Settings" menu, add the password changing section in case if you necessary need to update it
3. Add the Two-factor authentication (2FA)
4. Add the Privacy section to customize your privacy with site's and in-game's
5. Add the Billing
6. Implement the badges/achievements that can be awarded both site's and in-game's
7. Implement the trading where you can select player to trade exclusive/limited items
8. Under "Dashboard", add the Blog for features/announcements
9. In the player's profile, add the report flag icon to report a player
10. In Forums, add both the bookmark and report icons to bookmark or report threads
11. Add more shop item accessories, separate item categories: (e.g.)Hats, Masks, Faces, Heads, Neck, Shoulder, Chest, Back, & Waist. Also, implement the search bar, time-specify bar (from Oldest Release to Recently Release), and item's subcategory selection (Free, Exclusive/Limited, Unavailable, & Event)

My first suggestions ends here but if I plan to make second suggestion in the future, I'm willing to do it.

Posted  8/10/2023 4:52 AM


Posted  8/23/2023 10:40 PM

^ Bumper cars.