Stellar Vanguard Legion

Owner: Azog • Members: 2

Who are we? The Stellar Vanguard Legion is a renowned army group dedicated to safeguarding the vast expanse of Planetarium's celestial territories. Comprised of elite warriors from diverse planetary origins, this legion is known for its unparalleled skill in both ground and space combat. Their emblem, a shimmering star encased in a shield, symbolizes their commitment to protecting the galaxy from any threat that may arise. With advanced technology and unwavering bravery, the Stellar Vanguard Legion stands as a beacon of hope and defense across the cosmos. ----------------------------------------------------- What do we expect from our troops? We expect unwavering dedication to the defense and prosperity of Planetarium and its inhabitants. We expect them to uphold the highest standards of honor, courage, and discipline, both on and off the battlefield. ----------------------------------------------------- 🌌Guardians of the Stars, Protectors of the Galaxy🌌 Founded by Azog on 3.16.24